"Mama Needs A Drink" Box

"Mama Needs A Drink" Box

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The days are long and the years are short so goes the saying, but during this pandemic, can we all agree the days feel extra long? This is our "Mama Needs A Drink" box. It comes with cold brew coffee, kombucha and caffeinated sparkling water to help you start your day and get through it when you need that pick-me-up.

Everything is non-alcoholic. But, when you are ready for something a little stronger at the end of the day, enjoy it in a HaloVino reusable shatterproof wine tumbler. Throw in some vodka, rum, whiskey, bubbles, tequila, whatever you are feeling and make a delicious low-sugar, low-calorie cocktail! Or just add wine to the cup...you made it through the day, you do you! 

The "Mama Needs a Drink" Box Includes:

2 Cans of Red Hat Cold Brew Coffee

2 Cans of Humm Zero Peach Tea

2 Bottles of Health-Ade's Tropical Punch

2 Cans of Limitless Cucumber Pear Caffeinated Sparkling Water 

2 HaloVino Cups in a water-resistant, dishwasher-safe HaloTote.

1 Health-Ade Eco-Friendly Tote Bag 

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