Solti Hemp + Turmeric SuperShot™ (12-Pack)

Solti Hemp + Turmeric SuperShot™ (12-Pack)

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HEMP+® Turmeric SuperShot™

HEMP+® SuperShots™ contains 30mg of organic Hempseed oilorganic juice from lemon, turmeric, organic green apple, and organic black pepper.

This incredible shot is the king of anti-inflammation, packed with anti-oxidants and neurotrophic that improve brain function and provide a cognitive boost!

Sol-ti HEMP+® SuperShots™ use organic Hempseed oil which contains 0.0% THC  and 0.0% CBD. 


Organic Hempseed oil 

Nutrient rich Omega-3 and Omega-6

Organic Turmeric

Anti-inflammatory, Balancing, Blood Purification

Organic Lemon

Alkalizing, Cleansing, Purifying

Organic Green Apple

Natural Energy Boost, Digestive Aid, Vitamin A, K, Potassium & Quercetin

Organic Black Pepper

Increases Curcumin Absorption


Perishable, Keep Refrigerated.